About Sandra &Joshua

I'm Sandra Thomas, and I love to see people walk in their God-given purpose. Sandra is an R.N. with over four decades of nursing including hospice nursing. She has also served as a ten-year Civil Service Nurse for both Army and Air Force. She is the author of I Will Live Until I Die Overcoming the Sting of Grief.  She is also the author of Peace Equanimity in the Nursing Belonging Magazine. She is a, speaker, course creator, and author. She does coaching in the fields of Christian development, Health and Grief. As a former school nurse, Sandra has helped and guided many students understand their somatic relationship in which they experienced. From that place, she developed and presented to a group of counselors; "Somatic illnesses in the school- age children." She is a speaker, course creator and author.  also, the creator of "I Can Cope," which was presented to a group of pastors at Fellowship Bible Church, Dr. Tony Evans the lead pastor. During her hospice career, Sandra, authored "A Touch of Grace," in Hospice Dove magazine. Her most recent work to include but not limited to "Peace, Loving-kindness, & Global Wellbeing for the; American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), Beginning magazine. Followed, by "I Will Live Until I Die. Overcoming the Sting of Grief," which was birthed from her own personal experience of trauma, mainly the loss an adult child, and other close family members. Sandra brings her own personal flavor of grief not only as a bystander looking in the mirror through her medical profession but being on the front line in her own personal experience.

Both Sandra and her son Joshua are survivors of many traumas which has greatly impacted and change their lives. Joshua can attest to his own personal pain from a male perspective in losing a sibling, and other close family members. Both of them  continue to work on their spiritual growth, mental and emotional wellbeing. Joshua, is a former boxer and personal trainer.

Grief is difficult, but you do not have to go through it alone. 

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You do not have to walk this journey alone. As a coach, that’s where I come alongside you and help you journey through grief. I will help you rebuild your life from the inside out so you can live a fulfilled life that you’re passionate about. A fulfilled and passionate life that includes honoring the memories of your loved ones while finding meaning with your loss. Your suffering does not have to be long term. Please call 682-551-4108 for a discovery call before it gets any tougher.


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