I help people journey through their loss, trauma and grief so their broken heart can heal and they can return to health and well-being.   

I can Support you through these seasons of Life


Grief does not only affect your emotions but it can also affect your physical body.

1.Chronic Illness

2. The effect of grief on the body

  Relationship Loss

Have you experienced a relationship ending e.g., a divorce, or separation from a child? Loss of a loved one e.g., parent, child, sibling, niece, betrayal, or abandonment, and do not know what to do next?

  1. Educate on the trauma of grief and the brain.
  2. Learn what grief is and what it’s not.
  3. Learn about the purpose of the five stages of grief.


Soul (mind, will and emotions)

1.Understanding Separate Realities.

2. Mental health e.g., anxiety, depression, stress, and  grief related issues.

3. Learn and understand your thoughts/ belief system/actions.

4. Explore Mindset shifting.

5. Understanding Triggers






If your faith has sunk to the bottom of the sea because of unmet expectations from God or a relationship, then join any of these courses.

1. During your spiritual journey

2. Cultivating a strong sense of self (identity).

3. Exploring core values, attitudes, beliefs

4. Search for significance